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Monday, May 11, 2009

Stress, The Foods We Eat and Our Health

Many people who reach 40 years old already complain of body aches and most of them feel that their body is slowly giving up. Others even experience it years earlier. They want to eat all the foods that they loved eating, however, they can't do it anymore because their doctors adviced them not to and to cut down on sugar, carbohydrates and to minimize their fat intakes. This is sad as they feel their lives is starting to slow down and that their end is near.

Conditions like these can be avoided if only we start young in taking good care of our body. We have to try to limit our intake of substances that will result to some diseases that we may encounter later in life. The discipline has to start from us. If we want to live longer, there's no better time to start taking care of our body but now.

Stress is also another factor that may result to some deadly diseases in our body. Many people have suffered heart attack and died because they have been under too much of stress at work and for some, in disciplining their kids. A few others due to financial problems.

We have to learn to live healthy and to accept reality. Wherever we are and whatever time it is, problems come and go. We have to try to relax and give this precious body a break. We only have one so we better take really good care of it.

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