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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hollie Steel - Another Susan Boyle ?

Few weeks after Susan Boyle had her now very famous "I Dreamed a Dream" rendition on Britain's Got Talent, another great talent was discovered. Hollie Steel danced gracefully until Simon wanted to end her performance. Suddenly, she sang a very angelic and wonderful song, "I Could Have Danced All Night". This impressed the judges and Simon couldn't say anything at first and was all smiling. Another great talent shared to the whole world. Wonderful!

Susan Boyle: A Dream Come True

Click Here If The Video Above Won't Work.

I don't want to miss the opportunity of blogging about Susan Boyle. I myself was so impressed by her voice. She proved that no matter how someone looks and no matter if you are older, you can still try to make that dream come true. It's never too late. Almost everyone in the audience was shocked and wasn't impressed the first time she appeared on stage. Simon even asked a lot of questions and most of the people laughed when she told them who she wants to become... but when she opened her mouth and sang, everyone was in awe.

The audience gave her a standing ovation. The judges were impressed and Simon had a big smile when she started to sing. You really can't judge a book by its cover. Some people may say that she's old enough to become Britain's singing idol. Many people would prefer younger ones. But Susan Boyle proved it that age and looks don't matter. There are forums and blogs around the globe debating whether she needs to have a make-over or not. Susan Boyle says though that it's not time yet and that she is comfortable with how she looks. Well, go forward Susan Boyle! You are a great singer and many people love you. Dream on and keep reaching your shining star!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Create Hubs and Earn a Monthly Income at Hubpages

I really love Hubpages! Yes, I do. For the past weeks, the revenue generated by my hubs have increased significantly and I love it. This site is one of those I love to submit my articles with because my effort is never gone to waste. I tracked some of my articles through my URL channels and I can see them giving me a few clicks daily. Not bad for a hobby huh! I'm planning to submit more articles as other writers say their earnings have increased as more articles were added. Let's see how much I could earn when I reach a hundred hubs. I regret not being active for many months. I could already have more than 200 posts by now if only I was active when I joined. Tsk. tsk. Time to work double time.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu Virus Killed 86 in Mexico

Image Source

Train commuters in Mexico City wearing surgical masks.

Yahoo news reported that already 86 people have died in Mexico from the new Swine Flu virus. There is a reported 1,400 estimated cases in the country since it was detected on April 13. This has alerted all health officials of the countries all over the world. Many people are afraid this may be the next big thing health professionals are expecting to happen. However, they say that it is still too early to tell. All health authorities around the world are now doing the best they can to stop the spread of the virus around the world. The people infected with the virus were already isolated as commanded by the Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Schools were closed and other services were suspended.

The Philippines has immediately acted on the matter. The entry of poultry from Mexico and the United States are now taken into strict measures to prevent the swine flu virus from reaching the Philippine shores.

More Information About Swine Flu Virus:

Is swine flu 'the big one' or a flu that fizzles?
Philippines on alert for possible swine flu spread.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Monthly Moneymakers

Majority of the bloggers online want to earn money from their blogs. In the recent time, people want to earn extra money online or offline as the prices of all our basic needs have gone up. Most of the time, the money we earn monthly is just not enough anymore to cover all the expenses. When I learned that we could earn money online through blogging, I searched a lot about the topic. Tried to learn from the blogs of the professionals and tried to earn money myself and follow their tips. I can say I'm already 40% successful as I started earning a little money already. I can say though that I still have a long way to go. The internet has so much information and every day is a challenge for me to learn and apply all of what I know to make my journey successful. I made this blog so I could share my experiences and maybe someone needs a little help in their journey to making money online out there. Yes, it is never easy but I can say that it's worth it.

I have made a listing of the sites where I earn a few bucks to a few hundreds online. Sometimes I just can't remember all of them so I made this list of all the sites. This list may become longer as I go through my journey. Feel free to check out the sites and maybe you too can find them useful and inspire you to start your own.

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Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is so popular that even celebrities have opened their accounts already. We have Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Hudgens and many more. I'm even following Britney Spears. How about you, who are you following ? Do you think its really them who are twittering or their assistants ? You might be interested to join in this conversation. Have fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How To Maintain A Well-Moisturized Skin All Day

Image Source

Many people most especially women, have a problem with dry skin. This used to be my problem for years, but after years of trying to find a solution to combat this problem, I was able to discover this simple but very effective remedy. I made a hub about this skin care tip at Hubpages and I would like to share it to all of you. Just follow the link below. Good luck and and say goodbye to dry skin days.

How To Maintain A Well-Moisturized Skin All Day

Friday, April 17, 2009

100 Crane Operators Needed for Manitoba/Saskatchewan, Canada

Uniplan Overseas Employment, Inc. is currently hiring for 100 Crane Operators for Canada. This is good news to those who want to work in Canada in this area of expertise. If you are interested or you have a relative or friend who might be willing to apply, you can relay this information to them.

The applicant has to be male with age ranging from 25 to 45 years old. A short course certificate is required or at least a vocational diploma. He should have worked for at least 3 years as a crane operator. More information about the vacancy and other available jobs abroad is listed in their Workabroad profile page.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Talk to Your Loved Ones Abroad at Very Economical Way

The recent technology has made it possible for us to talk to our loved ones wherever they are in the world at very economical way. We used to spend just a few minutes talking with them on the phone as this makes our bills soar high fast. However, with the discovery of the internet, talking to people around the world has become a normal everyday activity.

This activity is called VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is an inexpensive way that delivers voice communication over the internet. Through this technology, it is possible for us to communicate with our loved ones on the phone over the internet. With this kind of technology, many companies have emerged to offer this kind of service. We have Skype which gives an opportunity for people to communicate over the internet for free. You just have to pay for your internet's monthly subscription fee.

Spectrol services also offer this kind of service with additional features like local phone service, domestic and international long distance service, high-speed data transmission and also internet services. Spectrol DSL Services provides you superfast internet connection which makes you easier to download your favorite movie and music videos, photo viewing and a lot more. Discover great deals and plans on VOIP and DSL from Spectrotel services. Find more information about Spectrotel company here.

Go Green and Earn Money at The Same Time

Ice caps melting
Image Source

The world is now in danger. Global warming has many dangerous effects to the environment. People have to do something in order to save mother earth. If we won't act now, few years from now, the world we live in may perish.

Different organizations are working so hard to educated the people on the harmful effects of pollution and the destruction of the environment. Because of this, people have started to take part in going green and planting more trees. Proper waste disposal and steps in trying to save the environment are now taking into action. Parents want a clean and safe environment for their children and there's no better way than to start acting now.

So now you have taken part in this move to save the world, how about going green and earning money at the same time ? Go Green Business Opportunity gives you a chance to earn additional income from home, even make it your main source of income while at the same time saving the environment. Earning money while saving the world? Where else could you get a better offer than that ? It also gives you the freedom from the conventional 8-hour day job that you have. You can work at home at your own pace and time.
Head over to the profile of environmental investor Jon M Queen and get to know more tips on starting up a green home based business. You can also find another profile of Jon Queen here.

Products that promote in saving the environment is selling like hotcakes at this time and it would be a great opportunity for people to take part with it. The business doesn't need a lot of capital and you can even start it at your own home. Giving you more time to take care of the kids and have the freedom to manage your most precious time.

An Inconvenient Truth: Effects of Global Warming

Link Building to Increase Daily Mezze' Pagerank

This job is quite tiring, however, I have to do it double time since this blog is still new. Eventhough I started this blog 2 years ago, it was still a blogspot blog then. I just bought the domain name last January 24 and this makes it less than 3 months old. But I'm still happy as my hard work has paid off. This is already in PR 1 by this April's update and it's quite an achievement considering of this blog being new. I guess its time for me to sign-off and watch a movie to relax myself. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, eh! Happy Easter everyone! :-)

Blog About What You Like, Get Paid Doing It!

I was posting replies at Entrecard forum today when I saw a link about a revenue sharing blogging community. I checked it out and I found the site interesting. The site is I still don't have much information about the site but will promise to give a detailed post tomorrow. Sorry, getting sleepy and so tired. I just don't want to forget about this site so I thought I better post a short introduction about the site here. Thanks for visiting and good you have a great day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Healthy Eating and How to Cure Diseases

Image Source

Many people experience different diseases once they reach 35 or even younger. Most of us feel we are still young and strong until the first symptoms of the diseases inside our body starts to set in. Our memory deteriorates, we start to forget a lot of things, our body becomes weak and tires easily everytime we do strenuous activities and we just don't feel as active as we used to be since we feel our body is telling us to slow down.

How to Cure diseases has become one of the most talked about topic in our homes, with our friends and most especially with our medical advisers. They tell us to avoid and stop eating unhealthy foods that will add up to the complexity of whatever we feel at the moment. They tell us to start eating healthy as most of these diseases come from our unhealthy diet.

I myself have started to start eating healthy. Our body tells us which foods are good to eat and which are not. We just have to listen to it. We have to disipline ourselves and later in life, we won't regret we did.

Get to know more about how to cure diseases from brain health expert Dr Daniel G Amen. Know more about Daniel Amen's profile at the Amen Clinics. His tips on how to cure the diseases some people experience today will be of great help. There's no better way than to start listening to our body now.

The Most Beautiful and Sexy Tennis Players of the World

Image Credits

Tennis is a favorite sport of people from all generations. It has become so popular that many successful tennis players become famous worldwide. This sport is great to condition and tone the body, no wonder tennis players get a well-toned and a knock-out body.

In the tennis world, there are many beautiful tennis players that people love and adore. Some of them are Anna Kournikova, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Maria Kirilenko, Elena Dementieva, Martina Hingis, Nicole Vaidisova, Daniela Hantuchova, Flavia Pennetta, Anna Chakvetadze, to name a few of them.

I've made a hub of these beautiful and sexy tennis players for all of you. It includes photos and videos of your favorite female tennis players. You can read the whole post HERE.


Submit Article to Squoogle and Drive More Traffic to Your Site

I was twittering a few minutes ago and while visiting one of my friends' tweets, I came across an article directory online. This article directory is professionally maintained and the articles submitted are of great quality. I wanted to try to submit an article from Daily Mezze, however, I learned that they only accept articles from Squidoo, Gather, Hubpages, Associated Content, Launch Tags. That means articles from Blogger, your own blog and other subdomains are not allowed. But good thing for your lenses, hubs and articles in the other communities listed above, you can drive traffic to them for free.

The owner manually approves all submitted articles so high quality content of the directory is maintained. Note also that they don't accept adult materials so better recheck the one you're submitting.

There you go, another directory to be added to your list for free traffic to your work. Good luck!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

How To Earn Money at TutorialTub

When I visited one of my Triond articles today, I saw a comment that gave me a link to a revenue sharing site named TutorialTub. I got curious and checked out the site as this may be a great opportunity for me to earn money online. I learned that we can earn money from the site to write about anything we want to write about. Yes, there are so many communities like this already but what I like about the site is it's friendly and great layout. The site seems legitimate and the artiles are well-written.

How Does It Work ?

1. You have to sign-up from their site to create your account.
2. Once you are already a confirmed member, you can already submit posts.
3. In order to earn money, you have to submit your adsense Publisher ID. If you are not a member yet of Google adsense, you have to sign-up from Google and once your application is approved, your Publisher ID can already be accessible. Once you have it, submit it right away to TutorialTub.

The site has a 50-50 revenue sharing scheme. This means that from all the earnings from your clicks, you will earn 50% while the other half will be for TutotialTub. Google pays you directly when you have reached $100. You can be paid either through check or Western Union. Since I live outside the US, I have chosen mine to be Western Union.

One thing to note though, never click on your ads or your account will be banned. Why don't you check out the site now and start earning monthly revenue soon?

Daily Mezze' Pagerank Increased

I saw a post in one of the blogs I visited today about the Pagerank update. Everybody is waiting for it and have mixed emotions. I didn't expect that this blog will increase it's PR as I just got the new domain name in less than three (3) months. I started this blog in blogspot in 2007 but only been active posting again last week of January 2009. I can't even submit this blog to Payperpost and Social Spark because of the less than three (3) months existence. I got so surpisred and of course very happy when I checked just few minutes ago that I finally have a Pagerank of one (1) in less than three (3) months. Wahooo!!! At last my hard work is paying off. I have been busy in forums, blog commenting and writing for the past weeks. The increase in my PR is really great news. Good luck to the others who are still waiting.