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Friday, April 10, 2009

Submit Article to Squoogle and Drive More Traffic to Your Site

I was twittering a few minutes ago and while visiting one of my friends' tweets, I came across an article directory online. This article directory is professionally maintained and the articles submitted are of great quality. I wanted to try to submit an article from Daily Mezze, however, I learned that they only accept articles from Squidoo, Gather, Hubpages, Associated Content, Launch Tags. That means articles from Blogger, your own blog and other subdomains are not allowed. But good thing for your lenses, hubs and articles in the other communities listed above, you can drive traffic to them for free.

The owner manually approves all submitted articles so high quality content of the directory is maintained. Note also that they don't accept adult materials so better recheck the one you're submitting.

There you go, another directory to be added to your list for free traffic to your work. Good luck!

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