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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Create Hubs and Earn a Monthly Income at Hubpages

I really love Hubpages! Yes, I do. For the past weeks, the revenue generated by my hubs have increased significantly and I love it. This site is one of those I love to submit my articles with because my effort is never gone to waste. I tracked some of my articles through my URL channels and I can see them giving me a few clicks daily. Not bad for a hobby huh! I'm planning to submit more articles as other writers say their earnings have increased as more articles were added. Let's see how much I could earn when I reach a hundred hubs. I regret not being active for many months. I could already have more than 200 posts by now if only I was active when I joined. Tsk. tsk. Time to work double time.

1 comment:

young said...

Yeah i have also tried it.. its also fun to use it..
moreover has a lot options to make good money...