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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How To Lose Weight In Two Weeks Part 2

Eat more foods rich in fiber. Add your diet with foods with lesser calories and fat like vegetables, fruits and fish. These foods will not only help you with your weight loss goal but will also make your skin look younger and more radiant because of the collagen content of the fruits and vegetables.

Walk for at least an hour daily. Walking is a very effective way to burn fats. Brisk walking is even better. Walking for an hour alone will make you burn at least 200 calories. You can walk for an hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. In order to burn more fats, you can park your car a few meters away from your destination and you can walk from there. This is good for people who do not have enough time to exercise daily.

Do Some Sit Ups Daily. Sit-ups will help you lose the stored fats on your belly. For a 140 pounds person, doing sit-ups for 15 minutes will make him lose at least 120 calories. You can do the sit-ups in sets so as not to strain your stomach so much. You can do a few minutes sit-ups in the morning when you wake-up and a few more in the afternoon or evening.