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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earning Money at Legitimate PTC Sites

I have been scammed before. When I was still new to online money making, I joined a lot of PTC sites only to know that they were scams. If a PTC site you encounter seems too good to be true, better listen to your instincts. Those sites promising you to earn $1 or more per click is obviously a SCAM! No advertiser in his right mind will pay you $1, $2, $10 even $100 for a single click in PTC.

Legitimate sites usually pay you $0.01 or $0.02 per click to the highest. Other PTC sites do pay $0.005, $0.0025, etc. It may be loose change for you but if you have thousands of it, it will add up to a bigger amount. The technique here is to have as many referrals as you can. Others buy referrals from the PTC site to have a sure number. They may not be all active clickers but you will certainly get referral clicks as some of them will surely do. Some PTC sites offer an insurance for a small fee so that when your referrals become inactive, they will replace them with active ones.

How can you determine if a PTC site is legitimate ? One way is to search for that site in google and search for " <_> reviews" or "paying <_>". In the <_>, you can replace whatever is the name of the site you are verifying for.
Another way is by comparing how much they charge per advertiser to the amount they pay for clickers. For example, if they charge $2 for 100 clicks, that would mean they charge the advertiser $0.02 per click. If they give you $0.01 per click and they pay $0.005 per referral click, that means they earn $0.005 per click which is feasible. Aside from that, they also earn from advertising space in the site, premium membership payments, referral rentals or sales, etc. so there is a possibility they can really pay you.

Earning money online through PTC sites is possible. You just have to research which ones are paying and which ones are not so being scammed can be avoided. Some PTC sites though pay in the first few years, others for months only but becomes a scam site later. Just always update yourself by searching for the site's reviews in google.


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