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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Earning Money Online at Neobux

Neobux is a pay to click (PTC) site. A PTC is a site where we earn money by clicking ads for a few seconds. In Neobux, ads have to be viewed for 30 seconds in order to be credited. The rate for standard members is $0.01 while referral clicks are $0.005. If you are a premium member, you will earn $0.0125 per click while $0.007 per your referral clicks. Premium membership as of this time is $90 which is good for 1 whole year.

Buying Referrals
I joined Neobux and immediately rented 10 referrals in my first week. In my second week, I was able to reach the first minimum payout which is $2. I immediately requested to cash out as I was curious if they really pay instantly. In less than 2 minutes, my money was already in my alertpay account. I already have $2.45 then. Wow! I was so excited. I rented another 6 referrals then rented 10 more. I reached $3 after a week then requested my second minimum payout of $3. I experimented if renting referrals will really earn me money or if it's better not to rent referrals. I wanted to see to it that the money I invested in renting refs will be returned with profit. Few weeks passed. Yes, I earned money but the earnings were lesser than my investment. When I rented for $3, I earned $2.80 but I've read that some are really earning. Seems renting has different results. You're lucky if your rented referrals are very active. For those with direct referrals, they earn more money but most of them also invest in advertising their links.

Number of Ads
Neobux though has limited number of ads unlike other PTCs. They maintain 4-5 ads per day for standard members. Premium members have more. However, the upgrading fee is $90. What if you won't be able to recover that investment? Others do earn more money daily but they already learned the technique in proper investing. Some also risk to invest higher amounts to earn more. Always keep in mind that you shouldn't invest an amount of money that you can't afford to lose. Online investment is risky.

I can say that I really earned money at Neobux. I love the way they pay as we can always get it in a few seconds because fo their instant payout. Of all the PTC sites out there, I can say they are one of the legitimate ones.

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