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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got Paid by SponsoredReviews

I got an email from paypal yesterday that Sponsoredreviews have paid me $29.00. Wow, isn't it great? I really love SponsoredReviews as they really pay on time and they are not so strict with their rules. They pay every two weeks but from what notice, I even get the payment sooner than two weeks. Like my last review, I only finished it few days ago but I already got the payment from this payout. In order for your blog to get many assignments though, it is best if it has a higher PR. Most of my assignments from them are for my PR3 blog, a few for my PR2 & 1 blogs. If you want to join this site, I highly recommend it basing on my experience, I can say I can give them two thumbs up!


BOGCESS said...

Hi khassandra! I'm done addin' your link to my lists. Thanks!

Btw, my name is not macoy. Its EJ. :)


BOGCESS said...

Thanks! Kissed your ads too. :)

Cebuanong Hilaw said...

I have added you link to my blog at hoping you give me link too.

Please give me a link to your pay per post sponsor and i also want to know how do will I get payment for i dont have paypal