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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Occupational Therapists Needed for Florida

Many Filipinos are looking for jobs abroad because of the higher dollar to peso exchange rate. While I was surfing the net, I came across this announcement. I hope this will help a lot of Filipino Occupational Therapy graduates who are looking for work abroad. This was posted by IPAMS Philippines.

IPAMS has a current vacancy for Physical or Occupational Therapists. They need therapists for their Florida client. Successful applicants will be processed on H1B-Visa.

The qualifications are:

• Currently working or with recent experience in a hospital/home care setting
• NBCOT Passer
• Visa Credentials Verification Certificate (HealthCare Worker Certificate) holder

Financial assistance will be provided to those who will pass the screening and interview tests. To apply and to know more details about this overseas job vacancy, you may apply and visit their site HERE.

Just Claimed my Second Adsense Payment Today

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I'm so happy today because I just received my second adsense payment this afternoon. I went to the nearest Western Union center at past 2pm to claim my money. I received $128.55 and with the current exchange rate, that is equal to P6,135.61. It took me three (3) months to reach this amount. My first earnings I got last November. Not bad for a passive income. How I wish I could earn that amount monthly. Trying to work harder now. This payment really inspired me to work double time. Good luck to all other bloggers out there. I know it's not easy to earn money online but once the money starts coming, there is no stopping anymore.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bella's Lullaby: Robert Pattinson's "Never Think"

I'm sure no "Twilight" fan out there who doesn't know this song but for all of those who don't know yet, this song was sang by Robert Pattinson himself for the movie "Twilight". Is he a good singer? Well, I can say the song is great but when he sings the song, the words are not so clear. The intro is so long but just wait. Well, don't get me wrong and please no violent reactions from RPats fans, I love Robert Pattinson too. Cheers! :-)


I should never think
What's in your heart
What's in our home
So I won't

You'll learn to hate me
But still call me baby
Oh love
So call me by my name

And save your soul
Save your soul
Before your to far gone
Before nothing can be done

I'll try to decide when
She'll lie in the end
I ain't got no fight in me
In this whole damn world
So hold off
She should hold off
It's the one thing that I've known

Once I put my coat on
I coming out in this all wrong
She standing outside holding me
Saying oh please
I'm in love
I'm in love

Girl save your soul
Go on save your soul
Before it's to far gone
And before nothing can be done

Cause without me
You got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
Without me you got it all
So hold on
Without me you got it all
Without me you got it all
So hold on

Credits: Summit Entertainment

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Didn't Expect This

I was surprised yesterday to receive a payout from Sharedreviews. This was my earnings for July and I'm just so happy to receive it. The site had problems with not having enough revenue (being a new site) to pay its members before so not all members were were paid but who cares now? I'm so happy the site is keeping up with payments. I still do want to make reviews there and I think the communtiy there is great. The people are just so accommodating and friendly. If you want to read my product reviews, you can visit the site here.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is Ciao Still Paying ?

I've joined Ciao last October and I earned almost $50 from my reviews there. However, since they changed their incentive program, I concentrated working on other higher paying sites and in writing paid blog reviews. Ciao is a great community and I still visit the site once in a while. I know most members since the incentive change haven't been as active as when they were paying $1 per review. But the site is legitimate and I love it.

When I visited it few minutes ago, I saw that I earned more than $5. This earning came from my content reads and from their bonus program. The earning is quite slow but this came from the posts I made few months ago. This means that the reviews we've posted months ago will still earn us money. I requested my $5 plus. I was told I'll receive it second week of next month. I hope they still pay.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Got Paid by Linkworth

One thing that I like most with Linkworth is that they are prompt with their payments. They pay every 10th of the month for the work you've done the previous month. They also give us five (5) days allowance before a task would expire. Since my blogs were approved, there were no months that I won't get any assignment. Well, not complaining hehe and expecting for more. They assign different tasks depending on what kind of assignmnets you want to get from them. I checked LinkAds and Linkposts. For LinkAds, advertisers pay for links on your blog to their site. This is paid monthy so it is a good way to earn passive income. For Linkposts, you are given a fixed amount like $10 and you have to make a review about the site with links to their website. This is a one time fee and the post has to be there for at least a year.

Want to earn extra income monthly? Linkworth has great opportunities for bloggers like us.

Loudlaunch Paid Me On Time As Promised

I didn't expect this. I was paid by Loudlaunch $28.66 last March 4 for the work I've done on February 19 and 20. My PR 3 blog was approved by February 18 and I was immediately given an assignment. I did it immediately as once you reserve the task, you are only given three (3) hours to complete it. The second day, I got another assignment and I was more than willing to finish the job on time. Now, I know the secret. Your blog has to have a higher PR and higher traffic in order to get more assignments from them. They don't have that much advertisers compared to SponsoredReviews and Blogsvertise but they have higher rate on some assignments. My recent assignment was at $6.50. You also have to log-in from time to time as I noticed that on most assignments, they don't send a notification. I've learned about these assignments not from their email notification but because I logged-on and saw them. I hope I could get more assignments from them. Crossing my fingers!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Assignments from BlogtoProfit

I have joined BlogtoProfit two weeks ago and submitted my PR3, 2 & this blog. After a few days, I got an email from them notifying me that my PR 3 blog was accepted. Days passed and never heared from them until two days ago where I got a notification that I have offers from advertisers in my account. I went to the site and found three of them waiting for entry. I'm thankful for this opportunity. Researching some info now about the sites and will be posting today and tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

List of Revenue Sharing Sites

Blogging Community
Associated Content
You Say Too
My Triple Dub
Blogger Party
Writing Campus
Blog Evolve
Info Barrel

Paid To Review

Paid Survey

Social Bookmarking Sites
Indian Tags

Photo Sharing

I will post more tomorrow. A bit sleepy as it's almost midnight. Still have work tomorrow. Thanks for droppingby!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Write Online and Earn Money at Bright Hub

I was searching for a few topics online when I stumbled upon The site has a very rich content and has a profesional look. I learned that they have this opportunity for writers online. I made this post to bookmark the site and will try to make a review about it later. Will keep you posted.

How to Earn Money Online at DNeero

I always hear about people making money online with DNeero. I always told myself that I will join but due to my very busy schedule at work (my day job), blogging on my other blogs, paid reviews and getting traffic to this blog, I always put this plan on hold until last night while blog walking when I've read something about how we can earn money through it.

I asked tha same question I always ask myself, "Why don't I give it a try?, "If they can do it, why can't I? I really want to earn enough money online so I could work at home fulltime. The past months have been so busy months for me. If only I could work 24 hours in a day, I would. However, earning money online doesn't happen overnight. Earning big money is possible but we also need months and a lot of work in these months before we could earn our target income. The good thing is, once our blog is online, gained enough backlinks from other sites, has reached a certain level of traffic and have maintained a regular income monthly, then we can already slow down and continue reaping the rewards of our hard work. We just need to post at least 3 articles a week to make it active.

Going back to DNeero, so I joined. At first, I couldn't figure out how they do it. Then I was told to add my Twitter username to "My Account" and follow them on Twitter. I did what I was told. Then at Twitter, saw some questions but I didn't know what to do with it yet. The instructions said I have to reply to the question to earn from $0.05 to $0.50 and so I did answered a few. I was told to wait as my answers where still "Pending Review". When I logged-on again this morning, I saw a "Claim Award" button and clicked it. The few cents where then reflected to my account balance. As easy as that! Well, a few cents is not that much but they have a lot
of questions. If I answer as much as I can, the cents will turn into dollars. Simple math computation!

Well, still trying to figure out how to earn more from their service. Will keep you posted for more! Thanks for dopping buy. :-)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Got Paid by SponsoredReviews

I got an email from paypal yesterday that Sponsoredreviews have paid me $29.00. Wow, isn't it great? I really love SponsoredReviews as they really pay on time and they are not so strict with their rules. They pay every two weeks but from what notice, I even get the payment sooner than two weeks. Like my last review, I only finished it few days ago but I already got the payment from this payout. In order for your blog to get many assignments though, it is best if it has a higher PR. Most of my assignments from them are for my PR3 blog, a few for my PR2 & 1 blogs. If you want to join this site, I highly recommend it basing on my experience, I can say I can give them two thumbs up!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

February Entrecard Droppers

I would like to thank my Entrecard droppers for February. I'm new to this dropping thing so I ask apology for this late entry. I didn't know how dropping works until yesterday when I visited Entrecard's blog and some blogs in the community. This is a brilliant idea for bloggers to come together and help each other succeed. Thank you Entrecard and to the brilliant blogs below created by wonderful individuals who like me, believe that there is a future online.

Top Droppers:

Kutsara at Tinidor
Fun Lounge

More Interesting Droppers:

Paco Contest
Slight Edge Networking
PipeB Blog
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Willem's Internet Blog

More power to your blogs and thank you so much for visiting!