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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is Ciao Still Paying ?

I've joined Ciao last October and I earned almost $50 from my reviews there. However, since they changed their incentive program, I concentrated working on other higher paying sites and in writing paid blog reviews. Ciao is a great community and I still visit the site once in a while. I know most members since the incentive change haven't been as active as when they were paying $1 per review. But the site is legitimate and I love it.

When I visited it few minutes ago, I saw that I earned more than $5. This earning came from my content reads and from their bonus program. The earning is quite slow but this came from the posts I made few months ago. This means that the reviews we've posted months ago will still earn us money. I requested my $5 plus. I was told I'll receive it second week of next month. I hope they still pay.

1 comment:

Rumpleteazer said...

I keep meaning to try out Ciao reviews, but never quite get around to it. I will add to my "to do" list!