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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Mezze' Pagerank Increased

I saw a post in one of the blogs I visited today about the Pagerank update. Everybody is waiting for it and have mixed emotions. I didn't expect that this blog will increase it's PR as I just got the new domain name in less than three (3) months. I started this blog in blogspot in 2007 but only been active posting again last week of January 2009. I can't even submit this blog to Payperpost and Social Spark because of the less than three (3) months existence. I got so surpisred and of course very happy when I checked just few minutes ago that I finally have a Pagerank of one (1) in less than three (3) months. Wahooo!!! At last my hard work is paying off. I have been busy in forums, blog commenting and writing for the past weeks. The increase in my PR is really great news. Good luck to the others who are still waiting.

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