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Friday, May 8, 2009

Maintain a Good Blog Visitor Relationship

When you have a blog, you write whatever you want to write about it depending on the niche you have chosen. You write daily, work hard in driving traffic to your blog, use the proper keywords so it will be detected by google and maintain a good list of quality posts. As you go along, people start to discover your site. They love your posts and visit them, most often they post comments. One reason is they love what you have written and want to share their experiences to your readers. Another is they want to create a quality backlink to their sites. This means your link building has become successful and traffic has started to increase.

Now, you have comments. You have people visiting your site. Then what's next? One way to make our site popular is by word of mouth. Once bloggers learn about your site, they will then tell their blogger friends about it. So, how do you keep them coming back? One way is to maintain a good professional blogging relationship with them. They have commented on your blog, then visit their blogs back and comment in them too. If possible, post good quality comments and make them longer so you will be able to contribute more.

An up to date response is also needed. A comment that is a few months old will loss enthusiasm on the other blogger. Keep your responses fresh. This keeps the good relationship going. And don't forget to thank your visitors for visiting your blog. If you receive a negative comment, try to talk with the person professionally and try to clarify the matter. The reader might have misunderstood your points in the article.

A continued reader base and visitors is possible if we also know how to handle them. The success of your blog is up to you. It is important that we also treat our visitors properly as they do contribute to the success of our blogs.

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