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Friday, May 22, 2009

Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Essential for a Blog's Success

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Many people create blogs in order to have a haven for publishing their posts. It feels great knowing that your article has been published online. It may be a review about a favorite beauty product you have been using that you want to share to your readers, or about a great book that you have read with a valuable lesson or about an ongoing sale of the most basic items that we need at home. These and more are the reasons why some people blog. There are a few though who have discovered that earning money through blogging is possible. These people create blogs in order to earn a few hundreds monthly to help pay the bills.

Creating a blog is just the first step. Who would want to write to a blog with no readers? It's like being alone in an island. It's like talking to your self with nobody listening to you. So the next step after you have created your blog, is to have readers and to keep these readers coming back. If you write quality posts, surely your readers would look up to new posts in your blog. Creating quality content is a must.

For professional bloggers, a few visits a day is not enough. They want to have more unique visitors daily. They want to earn more from their blog and one way to make this possible is to have more traffic daily. Some people monitize their blogs through adsense, others through text link ads, some through paid posts on their blogs and there are other website owners who would want to put their banners on your blog if it has a high traffic. This means that they will pay you for putting their link or banner on your site. This is one of the reasons why traffic is really important.

If you are a new blogger who has zero idea about monetizing your blog, this post now gives you an idea that earning monthly revenue from your blog is possible. This means that the more traffic you have, the more income you will earn from your blog. That is why many bloggers and webmasters try so many ways in order to attract more monthly visitors. One way to do this which is also an effective method is through “search engine optimisation” or SEO. This is a common and very important term for majority of bloggers and webmasters. It is important for a website to be listed on the first page of search engines and one way to do this is by proper SEO.

Wikipedia describes Search engine optimization (SEO) as the the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. One way to do this is by writing about highly searched keywords. If the keyword you are using is highly searched by people around the world, this is picked-up by search engines and mostly, you get a high ranking in these engines.

Search engine marketing is a very effective way to drive traffic to your site. I also do it most of the time. I check which keywords are highly targetted and I write a post about it on my blogs. Mostly are those with current events like about an upcoming boxing match of famous world champions, an upcoming movie with famous and controversial actors and actresses, a new health discovery, and many others.

As you go along with your journey to the blogging world, you will be able to learn more about this area. There are so many things to learn and it's always a rewarding experience. Read also what the experts are saying. Their advices and tips will help a lot. I myself do learn so many things everyday. Take note also that if you want to have a successful blog, proper search engine optimisation is essential.

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