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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dogs are Man's Best Friends

Almost all of us have our favorite little bestfriends at home. When we get home, they always welcome us excitedly. They waggle their tales to let us know they are most excited to see us and that we got home safely. We can always teach them tricks that they willingly follow. They always brighten our day with the cute little actions and facial expressions they have when we scold them or show them we really care.

Different kinds of dogs can be our domesticated companions. We have our favorite poodles and dalmatians, and many more. I was excited to know that recently, there's another breed of dogs that we can also choose. Have you ever heard of a "labradoodle"? Some people may already know about this breed but for those who don’t have a clear idea yet, a labradoodle is a popular hybrid dog which originally was a cross between a poodle and a labrador retriever. Labradoodles come in different generations of cross breeding. The f1b labradoodle definition states that this is a second generation labradoodle which is the offspring of an F1 that has been breed back with a Standard Poodle. This mix produces a 75/25 Poodle/Lab combination. This breed is also more allergy-friendly than their first generation counterparts.

Labradoodles were said to be breed in order to produce a dog that is allergy-free or non-allergenic, or hypoallergenic. Labradoodle hypoallergenic dogs are safe to be with at home as they won’t cause allergies unlike other dogs that would make us start sneezing, scratching and have a swollen eye or itchiness on other parts of our body. However, different people may have different allergic reactions. It is still necessary to be careful. You have to try first if the labradoodle that you have won’t cause these reactions.

Once you have found your true dog friend, you can always spend a relaxing time at home. You won’t feel alone anymore as they are always welcoming whenever we need them.

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