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Friday, March 19, 2010

What Increases The Risk Of Getting Colon Cancer?

The foods that we eat has a major role in the development of colon cancer as well as the other cancers in the different organs of the body. If we keep on eating “unhealthy foods” like foods rich in fats, carcinogens, salty foods and foods which are too sweet, we increase our risk of suffering from the different kinds of disease later in life. One of which is colon or rectal cancer. Others even administer symptoms even at an earlier age.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is necessary in order to combat these diseases. Colon cancer takes years to develop. It is the result of the accumulated unhealthy diet and lifestyle that we have been living for many years. A sufficient amount of anti-oxidants is necessary in order to strengthen our immune system so the healthy cells that we have in the body won’t be destroyed. They need to be healthy enough to fight-off the many free radicals that our body gets from the foods we eat, stress and the polluted environment. Vitamin A and C will help neutralize the cancer-causing substances that the foods we eat brings with them. Diet is one of the risk factors that we have to control within ourselves. A healthy diet results to healthy cells and thus, away from these diseases.

Another risk factor is heredity. An inherited condition called familial polyposis is a not so common tendency to develop polyps in the colon. These small to large growths in the colon looks like mushrooms which may not be cancerous at the start. However, in time they may become cancerous. Also, as a person ages, these polyps may develop even if you don’t have an inherited tendency. It is important that these growths are examined early so they can be removed soon if they are cancerous. Some though are not cancerous but it is still advisable to have them removed.

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