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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Earn $200 This December at ContentMixi

December is a very busy month for all of us ... at the same time, it is also a very busy month for our pockets. People are looking for different ways to earn money online and offline so they could buy all the gifts they have to buy for the holiday season. Families also love preparing their most favorite dishes for their loved ones. There is only one problem though, where to get all the money that we need to be able to buy all those on our lists.

Good news for bloggers! Contentmixi understands this need and they came up with a great idea on how bloggers can make money online before December ends. By creating a review about the site on your blog, you will have a great chance to win their CONTEST which gives $200 for the winners. Other winners are $60 for the second place and $20 for the third place. Hurry as deadline of submission is on December 10, 2009 already. Don't let this opportunity pass. It is a better thing to do than just staying at home and watching TV all day. Be more productive and surely you will develop the habit, and eventually be able to earn a good income online.

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