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Friday, June 5, 2009

Textbroker: A Good Opportunity for Writers to Earn Money Online

Much has been said already and talked about earning money online through writing. More and more people are now turning on the internet to earn additional income most especially with the current economic crisis. It is a good alternative though and the opportunities are endless. We just have to work harder and be more determined to reach our target. As I was reading through blogs, I've stumbled upon Textbroker. This is not my first time to read about the site though but I have not usually been that interested about it.

Textbroker gives writing opportunities to new and professional writers alike. If you are new to writing, you can still join. They rate their members through their submitted posts and your level gets evaluated from time to time. Most of their members increase their writing levels fast. The pay per article ranges from $2-$10. It may not be much but if you get regular assignments daily, these few dollars when accummulated will help a lot to pay the bills. You can check out the site to learn more about your opportunities with them.

I wanted to join, however, I learned that they only accept those from the United States. I got frustrated but thought I better make a post about the site here to help those who will be qualified. Good luck and happy posting!

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