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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is a Scam ?

This is what I've been asking myself also since the 20th of this month. However, I've read in a few forums and blog posts that some people have been paid already. I've joined the site four weeks ago and was able to make nineteen (19) reviews. Eighteen (18) are first and extended reviews while one is extended review only. In total, I have $37 but was only able to request for $36.25. I am under the Rookie status as I'm still a new member. All members have to pass this status before they could go to a Beginner and Reviewer status.

Being a Rookie member means that you are allowed to make 10 reviews per month only. I was able to make 19 four weeks ago since by that time, no such categorizations exist yet. The site has been filled with scammers so James, the admin had to make changes in their pay scale and to pass through all reviews under editorial screening.

Still waiting for my payment but I don't want to say that the site is a scam already. I appreciate the great effort James is exerting to make the site as legitimate as possible. He said they are still screening most of the reviews up to now. Before the screening process, I only had 15 first reviews while the others were only extended. I guess those who wrote the reviews ahead of me were considered spam and deleted that's why my remaining reviews were promoted to first reviews. I won't make any conclusions yet this early. I will make a report once I get updates.

PS. For clarification, first extended reviews are $2 each while extended reviews only is $1 each. The rate for quick reviews (less than 1000 letters) is $0.25.

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