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Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Domain Blog or a Free Subdomain ?

This is one of the things a new blogger doesn't know yet. I myself thought at first that having a subdomain blog rather than a domain blog doesn't make a difference. In the early months of my blogging, I didn't really know how it works and didn't have any idea that other people earn money through blogging. It just made me feel great knowing my work has been published online.

Months passed and I could find myself spending hours online reading other people's blog, then later on I found articles about making money online. I signed-up with paid review sites and I learned that we will get more assignments if we have domain blogs than subdomain. The latter also ranks lower then domain blogs. I kept reading and the more I learned so many of its advantages.

In general, domain blogs have the following advantages:

1. Ranks higher in search engines.
2. Ranks higher in Alexa.
3. If you want to earn though paid blogging sites, advertisers prefer domain blogs over subdomain blogs.
4. You are allowed to sell your own ad space and you can post your affiliate links. Subdomain blogs don't usually allow this and your post is considered spam.

As you read more of my posts in the days to come, you will learn more reasons why the first is more advantageous than the latter. Stay tuned and I'll do my best to share with you all I know about earning money online. Wish me luck too. :-)

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Tiborsho said...

aH! nindota domain man.. hehehe. blogspot lagi ang layout? pag wordpress ms. cor :D